Maytag Salutes: Kevin Nacke

12 May, 2014

Kevin Nacke


Kevin Nacke


Regency, Florida

Why We’re Saluting Kevin:

Thirteen years ago, Kevin Nacke left his full-time job to become the food director at the Sulzbacher Center, the largest homeless shelter in Jacksonville, FL. This selfless move has resulted in Kevin helping feed hundreds of people in his community on a daily basis and supervise the production of over 488,000 meals a year. He helps cook breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, 365 days a year to anyone in his community that is hungry.

Kevin’s slogan has always been, “Hunger ends here.” Making sure that the people of his community do not go hungry has become his life’s passion. His feeding line never turns anyone away and it makes him happy to know that the work he is doing contributes to the nourishment of the community. He says, “Everyone loves food. It is a universal comfort. If I am able to provide just a little bit of comfort to people who are at their bottom, I can say I had a great day at work.”

When asked what his favorite part of giving back to his community is, Kevin said, “My favorite part about the job is when our residents volunteer in the kitchen. My staff and I get to know them, watch them grow and obtain skills from working in our commercial kitchen. I love it when they go on to get jobs in the culinary field.”

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