Maytag Salutes: Leslie Searcy McFarlane

10 May, 2014

Leslie Searcy


Leslie Searcy McFarlane


Lithonia, Georgia

Why We’re Saluting Leslie:

Leslie is a fifth grade Special Education teacher in a co-taught classroom in DeKalb County. Although her focus is students with special needs, she embraces all students within her class with whatever support they may need, be it academic or emotional. She constantly looks for ways to encourage her students by sharing an inspirational poem or story in order to help them make “real life connections.”

When she’s away from school, Leslie runs her own catering business. She explains, “In my catering business, as in my personal and professional life, my aspiration is to exhibit a life of servitude. My phrase is ‘How may I serve you today?’”

When asked why it’s important to give back to her community, Leslie answers, “because it allows me to foster and model a positive influence within my community. By being a positive influence, my desire is to bridge the gap between school and home, encouraging students to work at their full potential, embracing one another’s differences, and to work toward living harmoniously within a community in which all can be a proud participant.”

Leslie adds, “Being the proud parent of two young males, I feel that it is important that they see me in the role, not only as that of a mother, but as one who strives to help make the lives of my children better, as well as helping to be a beacon that others in the community would want to model their lives after.”

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