Maytag Salutes: Patricia Hanna

18 May, 2014

Patricia Hanna


Patricia Hanna


Clarksville, Tennessee

Why We’re Saluting Patricia:

Patricia Hanna is a working “Mom on a Mission” with two children. After giving birth to her second child, who was born with Down syndrome, she knew that there would be unique challenges presented while raising a child with the condition. In 2008, Patricia and her husband discovered that there was a need for a support group in their town, as the closest Down syndrome support group was over an hour away in Nashville. They also knew that for their son – as well as other children with Down syndrome – to grow up and be part of the community, the Clarksville community would need to understand the condition. The quest began, and CADS (Clarksville Association for Down syndrome) was born.

Now, after six years, Patricia continues to create a better future for individuals with Down syndrome, their families and the community. CADS has multiple programs and fundraising events – and has great plans for the future. Patricia says, “CADS is a personal mission and so we are constantly planning on how we can improve and make an impact on the community that we live. Because of CADS I serve on local committees to stay connected to see what the communities needs are from our organization.”

When asked why it’s important to give back to her community, Patricia says, “This is the community I have to raise my children. It is important for me to show my children the importance of giving back, and getting involved. There is no better feeling than to make a difference in the life of an individual or family that doesn’t always feel like they have a voice.”

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