Maytag Salutes: Robert Osborne

19 May, 2014

Robert Osborne


Robert Osborne


Columbus, Ohio

Why We’re Saluting Robert:

Robert started Friends Incorporated, a non-profit organization that helps children in less fortunate situations and provides them with basic needs like food and clothing. He started Friends Incorporated because he had a good friend that stood by him, so he tries to be a good friend to everyone else he meets.

Robert explains, “Giving back means everything! If we show love instead of hate, we are teaching love. Kids see a lot of bad things where they live…so we find homes where kids need food or clothes and make visits at least once a week.”

When asked why giving back to the community is important, Robert answers, “It’s important because love is a healer and comforter. And I’ve watched children that are hungry or dirty bring other kids to me that need help. It shows caring and love. And they spread love instead of teasing other children.”

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