Maytag Salutes: Ruth Thompson Carroll

14 May, 2014

Ruth Thompson Carroll


Ruth Thompson Carroll


Erie, Pennsylvania

Why We’re Saluting Ruth:

Ruth runs the ANNA Shelter, an animal shelter she opened in 2004. “I’ve always been a passionate animal lover and loved business so it kind of just clicked for me to open my own animal shelter. I met my partner, Kris Gibbens, who had the animal handling experience I lacked and suggested we open a shelter – the rest is history.” The ANNA Shelter is dedicated to helping any animal in need, from hamsters to dogs to goats.

Ruth feels she has been blessed in her own life and believes in living her faith. She adds, “If I can help someone else and their life is better by knowing me – then I’m doing the job I am here to do. I want to help animals and people – so this is just one of the ways I can do that.”

When asked about giving back to her community, Ruth answers, “I am passionate about helping others and making a difference right where you are…I adhere to the starfish theory: We can’t save them all but when we make a difference to one – we’re doing it right. So our motto has always been ‘One Animal One Day at a Time.’”

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