Maytag Salutes: David Huey

08 May, 2016


Name: David Huey

Hometown: Marietta, GA

Why we are saluting David:

When David Huey helped start Hungry For A Day, he did it with the idea that many people are very blessed and if they were willing to be generous, they could help those in need and change the trajectory of their lives. Over the last 5 years, as the co-founder and Executive Director, he and his organization have built a community of people that are doing some amazing things.

Together they’ve provided backpacks of food to homeless high school students, food for those in the commercial sex industry, meals to a women and children’s shelter, started a food pantry in Detroit, and so much more.

Last Thanksgiving, the organization fed 13,992 a complete Thanksgiving dinner. In January, we built a bakery that is feeding 1,000 Syrian refugees every day in Iraq.

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