Maytag Salutes: Dyan Neary

05 May, 2016


Name: Dyan Neary

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

Why we’re saluting Dyan:

Dyan does outreach work with prisoners, volunteers her time with girls at a local rehab, and works tirelessly as a journalist to inform the public about health related stories.

For years in New York City, she volunteered with an organization called Books Through Bars, where we sent books to prisoners for free.  She received letters and stories from people across the United States, some of whom were on death row, and were executed before we had the chance to fill their book requests. These experiences had a profound impact on me, and she wanted to do more to promote education among at-risk and incarcerated populations.

She also co-founded Picture This, a not-for-profit creative writing and photography workshop for at-risk youth in Bedford-Stuyvesant, a low-income neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Thank you for being an everyday hero, Dyan!

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