Maytag Salutes: Ellen Cullen

15 May, 2016


Name: Ellen Cullen

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

Why we are saluting Ellen:

Through pain and personal hardship, Ellen Cullen continued to work as hard and as often as she could to support her family.  Working at a grocery store for the past seven years, Ellen took on as many duties as she could too get as many hours as possible, even after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Thanks to an understanding boss, Ellen was able to take days off when chemo treatments made working too painful to take, but more times than not, Ellen would fight through the nerve damage in her feet, legs and hands in order to make it into the store.

Now on disability, Ellen relies on the kindness of her family to help her get through her battle, buy still finds time to volunteer with her church when she can.

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