Maytag Salutes: Ginny Ramsey

27 May, 2016










Name: Ginny Ramsey

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Why we’re saluting Ginny:

Nobody works harder to help the homeless in Lexington, KY than Ginny Ramsey.  After founding the Catholic Action Center in 2000, Ramsey has worked hard to find housing for the homeless and also build centers for people who simply have no where else left to go.

Not only that, Ramsey is a staunch advocate and a voice for the homeless, often butting heads with city leaders and neighborhood associations as she strives to better the lives of those most in need.

These days she can often be found running the branch of the Catholic Action Center known as GodsNet, a complex filled with supplies for the homeless that find permanent housing including food, clothing, furniture and linens.

And though this seems like a full-time job, Ramsey insists that it isn’t work, it’s what she was called to do.

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