Maytag Salutes: Guy Penny

07 May, 2016


Name: Guy Penny

Hometown: Fenton, MO

Why We’re Saluting Guy:

Guy Penny’s philosophy can be boiled down to this, “In any role that I fill in my life, I try my best. I give things a level of focus and importance that they deserve. That only makes me a person, not a hero”

But many do consider Guy a hero.  Take for instance his his niece that he helped raise since he was only 11 years old, or his mom, who while working multiple jobs, saw him get his first job at age 14 to help her make ends meet around a home filled with three kids and a grandchild, they both think he’s a hero.  But Guy says that’s just what a good man does for his family.

After working a variety of jobs over the years, Guy decided he wanted to enlist in the Military.  However, his commitment to helping his family didn’t permit him to join active duty, so he did what he always does, double duty.  Guy is now a Corporal in the US Army Reserves and is a leader and trainer of soldiers while working as a cook to support his family.   He is a good man, devoted member of his family, and a dedicated citizen solider.  We’d call that heroic.

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