Maytag Salutes: Jason Reed

02 May, 2016


Name: Jason Reed

Hometown: Carlisle, PA

Why we’re saluting Jason:

Jason Reed graduated from the Julliard School in New York City and, instead of pursuing the logical path and being a performing artist or professional choreographer, he instead chose to found a non-profit called REACH! which was set up to help troubled and under-privileged youth through the guise of Hip-Hop dance.  REACH! is unique in that, while it is a dance program, the participants are required to be “good citizens” first, they must maintain a B Average in school and have no single failing grades to be able to perform.

On top of this, Mr. Reed has become a positive male role model, a father figure to some, who is there to step in, any time of day, to help intervene when any of his kids are in trouble in school, out in town, or at home to help show them them proper way to act, behave, and how to have respect for others and also for themselves.  His approach to teach the kids and teens to develop respect for each other, their elders, those in leadership positions, and themselves has had dramatic results in turning habitually troubled kids and teens around into productive members of society and has seen a few go from facing expulsion from high school to graduating with high marks, attending college, and a few have even returned to help teach and pass along that respect to the next generation.

Mr. Reed is even more of an Everyday Hero because he has made it a point to never exclude anyone, even if they don’t have an extra penny to their names, even when it means a great loss to himself.

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