Maytag Salutes: Lauren Mountz

17 May, 2016


Name: Lauren Mountz

Hometown: Palmyra, PA

Why we are saluting Lauren:

Being a single parent of a pre-teen can be hard enough, but add in working 12 hours shifts at a hospital and taking classes, and you’ve got a full load.  that’s exactly what Lauren Mountz does every day, however, she’s also added in volunteer work and taking care of others less fortunate than her.

Whether it be taking care of neighbors going through surgery by preparing a week’s worth of meals for them, or driving through a snowstorm to help out at her hospital, Lauren is always on call for those in need.  She also offers to provide pet grooming for those that can’t afford it, and is often on of the first to sign up to help out at her daughters school whenever  volunteers are needed.

She may not consider herself a hero, but we did, which is why we were excited to tell her that she no longer had to pack up her daughter and her homework to go to the laundromat!

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