Maytag Salutes: Riley Pallikan

01 May, 2016


Name: Riley Pallikan

Hometown: Fishers, IN

Why we’re saluting Riley:

22 year-old Riley just got certified on CPR and did get to use his new skills and saved his life on March 4th while working out at the YMCA. Riley went over to the person in need and put his CPR skills into action while the YMCA pulled down their defibrillator and used this along with oxygen to get his heart beating again. If they waited until the ambulance got there, he would not be here today or be brain dead.

Riley just got hired at Whitestown Fire Dept. This young man is a hero and picked the right occupation and maybe he can save more lives in the future. Also the Fishers YMCA for having the equipment and employees knowledge of this equipment also hats off to them too!

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