Maytag Salutes: Scott Dietrich

25 May, 2014

Scott Dietrich


Scott Dietrich


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Why We’re Saluting Scott:

Scott Dietrich served in the Marines from 2005-2010, deploying to Japan and Iraq. He was an infantry squad leader with 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, Golf Company when he deployed to Iraq to do mostly re-constructive type missions. Most of his missions consisted of ensuring the well-being of the village and to meet with local sheikh to address any concerns or unwelcome activities that have occurred. Throughout his time in the Marines, he also set aside time to join fellow military members in giving back to the community, including painting a woman’s shelter, landscaping for VA centers, and attending ball games with military gear to educate public on the equipment they use.

Outside of the Marines, Scott really believes in something he calls, “RAK or Random Acts of Kindness. It can be the smallest things that you do for someone that not only makes their day, but induces them to pass it on.” For example, Scott talks about how one day during this past abnormally cold winter, he thought about all the jackets he had hanging in his closet collecting dust and not serving their purpose. Later that night, he collected them for the individuals that would be spending the night outside.

His advice to others who want to get involved but don’t have much time? “Help an elderly person put groceries in their car, pay for the fast food order behind you, share a meal with someone that needs it, and you’ll notice the power of giving being one of the most fulfilling acts you can do.“ He adds, “…one small act you do now, will be worth everything you see later.”

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