Maytag Salutes: Thomas and Nancy Hampel

17 May, 2014

Tom and Nancy Hampel


Thomas and Nancy Hampel


Ft. Wright, Kentucky

Why We’re Saluting Thomas and Nancy:

Thomas and Nancy were raised to give back to the community – both of their parents were involved in community service when they were growing up. As adults, it was normal for them to emulate their parents and give back to their community. They have concentrated their time with the Boy Scouts of America and their local nature programs.

The Boy Scout Program teaches young men and women the leadership skills that will make them productive and successful in their lives, and also teaches them to make moral and ethical decisions as they grow and develop. Thomas and Nancy add, “I can’t think of another program that is so successful in this area of youth development. To watch these young men and women develop into self-reliant, courteous, self-assured, responsible adults is uplifting.”

Both Thomas and Nancy work in professions that deal with youth; Tom as a pediatric physical therapist and Nancy as a school psychologist. They were foster parents for 17 years for a girl with cerebral palsy in order to give her as normal of a life experience as possible. It was a great learning experience for them, and the little girl became a permanent part of their family.

Thomas and Nancy explain, “In giving, we always find that we always receive more that we give. We hope our children and grandchildren can carry on the tradition that our parents have instilled in us.”

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