Maytag Salutes: Vince Cook

07 May, 2014

Vince Cook


Vince Cook


Colerain, Ohio

Why We’re Saluting Vince

Vince spends his free time with local children through basketball activities in order to help keep them off the streets of Cincinnati. He has also become involved in their lives and helps them “do the right thing” day in and day out.

By giving back to his community, Vince says he hopes it will set an example and help these kids repeat the same service as they grow up. He hopes his service will inspire others to make his community a better place.

He says, “my involvement with my community is important to me because it helps show the kids that there’s more value to the lives that they have.” He also says that it’s important to give back and inspire the young minds of his community to reach for more. He enjoys helping children see what’s beyond the boundaries of their own neighborhoods.

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