Laundry Room Hacks: How to Create a Practical and Functional Space

19 Aug, 2015

Sprucing up the laundry room is often low on the DIY list for homeowners. Family rooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms tend to take precedence over the laundry space. If this is the case in your home, you’re really missing out. Here are a few (mostly) simple tips for creating a tidier, more functional laundry room from our friend Bryn Huntpalmer at Modernize.

Keep it together

If space allows, store all your laundry goods in one place. Dirty laundry baskets, cleaning supplies and extra storage for folded and ironed clothes are all organized neatly in the dream laundry room pictured below, though it’s unlikely you’ll want to spend your spare time relaxing in a chair next to the washing machine!

laundry room with white cabinetsImage via Modernize

Hide the (white) goods

If your laundry room is less a room and more a corner of a bathroom or kitchen, it might be a good idea to disguise your laundry space by adding shelving or a counter above your units and installing accordion doors over the front of your washer and dryer. This not only conceals your laundry appliances, but it also creates extra storage or folding space, so it’s a win-win hack!

bathroom hidden laundry roomImage via Modernize

Hang on

The laundry room displayed below cleverly makes use of empty wall space with a hanging drying rack for unmentionables and smaller delicates. Simply mount an inexpensive folding drying rack onto the wall, or create your own with a large frame and a few wooden poles. The same laundry tip can be applied to ironing boards or folding stations, so get creative!

laundry room with hanging drying rackImage via Modernize

Go vertical

We all know the laundry room hack of stacking washers and dryers, but this compact space utilizes vertical storage in more ways than one with the addition of a hanging storage rack over the door. Add more organization with a chalkboard paint frame and labels!

laundry room with over the door storangeImage via Modernize

Color code it

By assigning each family member a different color, you can save yourself the sorting and debating time with every load of laundry you wash. An easy laundry hack: Have everyone drop off their color-coded baskets on laundry day, pick them up when they’re finished, and never worry about whose jeans are whose again.

laundry room with basket storageImage via Modernize

Everything but the kitchen sink

Go against this age-old idiom and consider equipping your laundry room with a sink (not an easy DIY, but one that you will appreciate in the long run). It will save you time ferrying your hand wash items back and forth from the kitchen and can double as a mudroom sink if your laundry space is near the back door. Another option? Try the new Samsung Top-Load Washer with activewash™ technology, which includes a built-in sink for the ultimate convenience while doing laundry.

modern laundry roomImage via Modernize

Now that you’ve found a few new ways to make your laundry room more practical, it’s time to get washing. After one more cup of coffee, of course.

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