TV-Viewing Personality Quiz: Are You a Movie Nerd, Binge Watcher, Channel Flipper or Tuner Inner?

13 Nov, 2015

tv watching personality

Does this sound familiar? You find yourself inserting movie quotes into everyday conversation, and you’re frustrated when others do not recognize or appreciate the reference. From old-school to just released, you’ve seen everything. Hello, movie nerd.

Or, you may notice that your couch cushions seem to have contoured to fit your body shape from endless hours of Netflix-binging. You’ve got it down to a science – with snacks and drinks on hand to limit the amount of time you need to get up and interrupt your watching time. You’re a binge watcher!

Doesn’t sound like you at all? Maybe you’re a channel flipper: You flip around until you see something interesting and quickly change the channel the minute a commercial comes on. You don’t mind catching something mid-program – as long as it seems interesting.

Still not identifying with any of these TV-viewing types? You may be a tuner inner. While you know you can always record shows to watch later, you’d much rather tune in live. And, you don’t like the distractions of social media or friends chatting while you are trying to concentrate on the storyline.

Does one of these “TV personalities” sound like yourself? Take the hhgregg TV Viewing Quiz to find out! Be sure to share your results with your friends with the hashtag #howiwatch!

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