New Year’s Fitness Plan Check-In

22 Jul, 2014

Family running
New Year’s fitness resolutions can be tricky to stick to – especially during the plethora of parties, cookouts and festivals in the summertime! Check out our tips below to get back on track for the rest of the summer, and remember to check with your doctor before starting or modifying your health or fitness plan.

1. Enlist a buddy.

You may have tried using a fitness app or even spent money on a gym membership to reach your fitness goals – but another easy way to keep yourself accountable is to recruit a friend to start a fitness plan with you. You can set up joint workout sessions and keep each other motivated.

2. Try something new.

Have you been thinking about trying that outdoor yoga class in the park? Now is the time to mix up your fitness routine and try new things to keep it fun. From starting a new hobby like hiking or tennis to signing up for a class, you’ll learn a new skill and stay active at the same time!

3. Schedule it.

If you set up reminders for your daily tasks, why not add one for your workouts? Schedule a reminder on your smartphone or tablet so you never “forget” to hit the gym or go for a run.

4. Write it down.

From starting a food journal to documenting your daily workouts, keeping a fitness diary or journal is a great way to see your progress and keep yourself accountable. Make sure to write down how you feel after each workout so you can track which exercises work best!

5. Get the whole family involved.

Whether it’s a family game of kickball or a walk in the park, getting the whole family involved for some active fun is a great way to get exercise while spending time together. You could even start a weekly tradition so you’re committed to being active each week.

6. Try a new gadget.

Today, there are dozens of wearable gadgets designed to help you reach your goals. From fitness bands to heart rate monitors, check out the fitness accessories available at hhgregg to get back on track.

What’s the status of your New Year’s fitness plan goal? Take our poll below to share which tip you’ll try!

Which fitness tip will you be using to get back on track?
Recruiting a workout buddy
Trying something new
Setting up calendar alerts
Starting a food/exercise journal
Getting the whole family involved
Purchasing a fitness gadget
All of the above!

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