How Much Does it Cost to Attend an NFL Football Game? [Infographic]

28 Sep, 2016

Ever wonder how much money you could save by watching the game at home over actually going to the stadium? For some, you can’t put a price on the experience of a live NFL game, and the high ticket, food and beverage costs are worth it. For others, however, the comfort of staying at home, watching the game on your own 4K television in your own recliner, picking up a six pack at the store, and having pizza delivered to your door is not only easier, but also more cost-effective.

hhgregg compared the price a family of four would pay attending an NFL football game vs. “homegating.” With average NFL ticket prices around $85, the cost adds up quickly, especially when you look at the comparison over the entire season. And paying $7.45 for one beer at the stadium? No wonder homegating is rising in popularity!

Average Cost of an NFL Game Infographic

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