Simple Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

23 Apr, 2015

Organizing Your Kitchen
Make your kitchen more organized and efficient with these helpful, simple tips. From taking advantage of often-overlooked storage areas to cleaning out the fridge once a week, our kitchen tips and tricks will help you reduce clutter and create a more efficient, organized space.


  • Label food items with the day they were opened so you know when to pitch them (read our article on how long foods keep in the fridge).
  • Clean out your fridge once a week to ensure food doesn’t spoil.
  • Freeze in proper portions to reduce waste – separate bulk items into individual bags or containers before freezing.


  • Add clear plastic bins that match the size of your bottom cupboard shelves to decrease clutter.
  • Place your most frequently used items in the front of cupboards.
  • Install a Lazy Susan to easily access spices, oils and other ingredients.
  • Hang an over-the-door storage option to maximize space (clear shoe organizers work well!).
  • Add removable hooks inside cabinets to hang aprons, oven mitts and towels.
  • Store plastic grocery bags in an empty tissue box.


  • Limit countertop space to the small kitchen appliances you use the most.
  • Stash rarely used appliances in the back of a cupboard or in a storage area.
  • Use a large crock to store tongs, large utensils and other items that usually fill up a drawer.
  • Pour dry ingredients (sugar, flour, uncooked pasta) into clear glass containers for easy access.

Wall space

  • Install shelves for your cookbooks and other kitchen knickknacks.
  • Prop a serving tray against the kitchen backsplash to free up cupboard space and add a decorative touch.
  • Install a “pot rack” to hang pots and pans instead of storing them in cupboards.

What are your best tips to keep your kitchen organized? For even more kitchen tips and tricks, check out our Around the Kitchen Pinterest board!
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