How To Properly Recover From The Holidays

02 Jan, 2013

The sleigh bells are no longer jingling, you don’t have 5 hours of wrapping to look forward to after the kids go to bed, and there isn’t a 4 course meal you have to cook tonight for extended family.  So here is how you wind down from all the holiday festivities:

Step 1: Take a deep breath, it’s over, you made it. The extended family has left and you can sigh in relief.

Step 2: Un-deck the halls. There is no reason why you should be forced to keep your 100 watt Christmas lights up any longer. Trust us, if you don’t do it now, the task will linger for weeks or even months or even be pre-decorated for next year’s use.

Step 3: Take your  left over cookies and treats to work or drop some off to the neighbors. You don’t need them all, and you will thank us later when your New Year’s resolution becomes that much easier.

Step 4: Un-holiday the dog. He hates those reindeer antlers and certainly the gingham sweater that Aunt Marge got him.

Step 5: Load all of the dishes into your Whirlpool 24” dishwasher and let it do the scrubbing of your dried-on food.

Step 6: Hook up your family’s brand new 60” TV. You know the one the family just “had to have” because you can’t watch the big game on anything smaller.

Step 7: Throw some popcorn in your new Frigidaire Over-The-Range Microwave.

Step 8: Time to catch up on your DVR and settle in with your newest blanket. Push play.

Step 9: Forget about all you have ahead of you in the upcoming new year and take the day off.

Have a great 2013 and Christmas is only 355 days away! :)

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