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hhgregg Reviews & Customer Testimonials

Discover hhgregg reviews and customer testimonials with our guide below. Whether you’re an existing customer that wants to leave a review of an hhgregg store or product – or you’re doing some research on a new TV, appliance or computer – you’ll find out how to locate and leave hhgregg reviews online.

How to leave a review of hhgregg

Want to share your hhgregg experience? We would love to hear your feedback! Here’s how:

  • If you purchased a product online, simply visit hhgregg.com and go to that product’s page, where you’ll be able to select “Write a Review” (example #1 below) under the “Customer Reviews” section.

Example #1:

hhgregg product reviews example

  • If you purchased a product in an hhgregg store, use our store locator to find that store’s online page. Then, click on the store’s Google+ link (example #2 below) to leave an hhgregg review on the Google+ page (example #3 below).

Example #2:

hhgregg local store page example

Example #3:

hhgregg store google plus page example

How to find hhgregg customer reviews & testimonials

See what our customers are saying about our stores and our products to inform your purchase decisions. Torn between two washing machine models? Read our washer and dryer reviews from real customers to decide which option is right for you. Here’s how:

  • To find reviews of an hhgregg product, simply visit the product page of the item you’re researching on hhgregg.com. On each product page, there is a “Customer Reviews” section (example #1 above) where you can see reviews, pros and cons, ratings and best uses of our top-brand products.
  • To read a review of your local hhgregg store, find your hhgregg store location page, then visit the Google+ link located at the bottom of the page (example #2 above). Reviews associated with that store will be available on the store’s Google+ page (example #3 above).

How to contact hhgregg customer service

Need to get in touch with us? Visit our customer service page to find our contact information and get details about your online order, exchanges, delivery and more.