What’s the Feature? Samsung Flex Duo™ Convection Electric Range – Part 2

15 Jul, 2015

samsung flex duo range

In part one of our What’s the Feature? Samsung Flex Duo™ Range series, we reviewed key features including Flex Duo™, Smart Divider™ and Dual Door™. Next, read our second installment as the Samsung experts highlight the Dual Convection Oven technology, Bridge Capability and SteamQuick™ of the Flex Duo™ Dual Door™ Convection Electric Range.

Dual Convection Oven

This Samsung oven is unique because of the two convection fans in the oven cavity. The upper fan is standard convection – just the fan; while the lower oven is true convection, which utilizes a heating element around the fan. Convection fans help circulate air within the oven cavity, promoting more even cooking. They also save up to 30% of cooking time. Dual Convection can work in a variety of ways in the Flex Duo™ oven:

  • The upper oven uses the convection fan for baking and roasting.
  • The lower oven has the option to convection bake or bake without the convection fan.
  • When in single oven mode, both fans will be utilized for convection bake or convection roast.

The Dual Convection feature is ideal for those who enjoy baking or have ever experienced having to look for the “hotspot” in their range. Have you ever had to rotate the baking sheet while baking cookies or roasting vegetables? With convection baking, you won’t need to do that anymore!  Convection is great for roasting as well, as it helps seal in the juices so meats are tender and delicious.

Plus, the new Control Panel on the Samsung range allows for easier temperature setting and cooking time. The upper oven is controlled on the left side of the panel, and the lower on the right. If the oven is in single oven mode, then either side of the control panel can be used.

Samsung range settings

Plus, it features a Soft Close door that doesn’t slam shut, and the Wide View Door allows for easy checking of cooking progress.

Bridge Capability

The “Bridge” heats the area between the left front and rear 7” elements, turning it into a large oval cooking area for oversize pots and pans, as shown in red here:

Samsung range bridge

The Bridge element adds another level of flexibility to the cooktop, allowing the user to simultaneously (and conveniently!) cook multiple dishes using different-sized pans.


Short on time, but need to clean your oven? All Samsung electric ranges feature SteamQuick™, which saves time and energy by lightly cleaning the oven’s interior. When used regularly, you can easily maintain the cleanliness of the oven.

To use this option, the oven must be cool. Remove all racks and the Smart Divider™. Pour 10 ounces of water onto the bottom of the oven. Press Steam Clean, then Start. After 20 minutes, use a soft cloth to wipe away condensation. Your oven should be clean and ready for your next culinary creation!

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