What’s the Feature? Samsung Flex Duo™ Dual Door™ Convection Electric Range: Part 1

24 Jun, 2015

Samsung Range Features Explained We’ve broken down features for refrigerators and dishwashers in our “What’s the Feature?” series. Now, we’ve partnered Samsung to highlight their new Flex Duo™ Dual Door™ Convection Electric Range in a two-part series. In our first post, we take a closer look at the Flex Duo™, Smart Divider™ and Dual Door™ features. Stay tuned for part two!

Flex Duo™

Flex Duo™ allows the single oven to be split into two ovens with the Smart Divider™ and also use convection cooking in both ovens. Two temperature controls cook dishes simultaneously at different temperatures. You don’t have to choose between a single or double oven!

The Flex Duo™ oven is basically five ovens in one. When used as a single oven, the 5.9 cu. ft. cavity is large enough to cook a holiday dinner for the entire family – and even extended family.

The Flex Duo™ divider also allows you to pull double-duty, heating a casserole in the top while baking cookies for tomorrow’s fundraiser in the bottom. And don’t forget about the Warming Drawer, which can keep leftovers warm, heat up the pie for dessert, or take the chill out of dishes before serving on them!

Smart Divider™

The Smart Divider™ is the partition that enables the Flex Duo™ function. When it’s inserted, it turns the single oven into two separate ovens.

Samsung Flex Duo Dual Door Convection Range

When not in use, the Smart Divider™ has a convenient storage spot built into the “ceiling” of the Warming Drawer that doesn’t interfere with the use of the drawer or the oven:

Samsung Flex Duo Electric Range

Dual Door™

A unique middle-hinged door that can open just the top section or the full oven, the Dual Door™ offers total flexibility and energy efficiency. If, for example, you’re heating a casserole in the top and baking a cheesecake or soufflé in the bottom, you can open the upper oven without affecting the temperature in the bottom.

Stay tuned for the second part of our guide, where we’ll highlight additional features including Dual Oven Convection technology, Bridge Capability and SteamQuick™!

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