Southern Motion Sundance Media Power Recliner

23 Feb, 2017

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You know your favorite chair? The one with the worn arms and the stinking cushions that’s your official spot? Yeah, you can put that out to the curb! You won’t need it anymore. After you take a seat in the South Motions Sundance Media Power Recliner, every other chair in the house will be flat-out unacceptable. South Motions high-tech recliner gives you tons of features right at your fingertips!

We’re talking about two USB charging ports for your handheld electronics, and let’s not forget about several reclining positions available at just the press of a button. Blue LED lighting, contour seating and headrest and performance Duralex fabric round out this incredible recliner. Want the ultimate in home theater seating? Bunch a few of these chairs together to provide family and friends high-end comfort to enhance their movie watching experience. This recliner looks great, feels great and delivers the high-tech goods you need. Visit hhgregg today and try it out. A warning! I have a feeling you won’t want to get up.

Video: Southern Motion Sundance Media Power Recliner

Take a seat in the one of the most comfortable power recliners you’ll ever find. The Southern Motion Sundance Media Power Recliner has tons of features at your fingertips.

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