Step Up Your Game Day Party!

26 Dec, 2015

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Are you throwing a game day party this year? Whether you’re a huge football fan or just enjoy the awesome appetizers and commercials, we’re here to help you take your game-watching get-together to the next level with a few simple changes. Check out the game day tips below to step up your party festivities and wow your guests.

Instead of: Making traditional Pigs in a Blanket
Step it up: Serve bacon-wrapped dates

Start a new tradition and add a gourmet touch to your appetizer station with bacon-wrapped dates. For even more awesome appetizer ideas, check out our Game Day Appetizers post.

Instead of: Ordering takeout pizza
Step it up: Create custom, homemade pizza

Ditch the takeout pizza for custom, homemade pies. You can even let guests choose the toppings and put the pizza in the oven or pizza maker at kickoff or halftime. Try the Betty Crocker 12″ Pizza Maker for restaurant-quality pizza.

Instead of: Serving just beer and wine
Step it up: Create a specialty drink

Shake things up by crafting one specialty beverage for your get-together, be it a Hurricane, Mojito, Bloody Mary, whatever! Bonus points if you make the drink in your team’s colors.

Instead of: Watching commercials
Step it up: Play commercial bingo

Get creative and give your guests something to do during commercial breaks: commercial bingo. List out 25+ predictions you have for Big Game commercials (for example, “chip commercial,” “tearjerker,” “celebrity endorsement,” “puppies,” etc.). Then, print out blank bingo cards online and randomly fill in each tile with items from your list. It will turn commercial breaks into a party game.

Instead of: Standard TV sound system
Step it up: Home theater system

Upgrade your entertainment system to get the ultimate sound quality while you watch the game – and the commercials. Browse our selection of home theater systems to find an option that will be perfect for your entertaining needs.

Instead of: Standard HD TV
Step it up: 4K ultra HD TV

See every play (and player) in clear, stunning detail with a 4K TV. With four times the pixels of an HD TV, a 4K Ultra HD TV will take watching sports, shows and movies to the next level.

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