Summer Vegetable Recipes

30 Jul, 2016

Summer Vegetable Recipes

Are you tired of the same old summer vegetable ideas? Take your seasonal veggies to the next level with these bright and beautiful recipes. Whether you want to keep it casual or make something more formal, there are great recipes for every occasion. There are even ideas for kids who don’t want to eat their vegetables! Eat healthy and enjoy the season with these summer vegetable recipes from hhgregg.

Spice up carrots

Carrots don’t often get to be the star, but this grilled carrot salad gives them the red carpet treatment. It elevates raw carrots with a marinade and a brown butter dressing. This recipe is great for a dinner party.

A healthy twist on casserole

Casseroles are typically heavy, but this summer vegetable casserole is light and features seasonal vegetables like zucchinis, plum tomatoes and bell peppers. This dish can be prepared ahead of time and it’s a great way to add color to your plate.

Trendy tabbouleh and quinoa

Have you ever heard of tabbouleh or quinoa? They are super trendy right now and for good reason! Tabbouleh is a Middle Eastern salad that includes tomatoes, parsley, mint and grains. Quinoa is a grain like seed that can be used with any vegetable, plus it’s gluten-free. Intrigued? Try this quinoa tabbouleh recipe and you may never go back to a traditional salad.

Remix corn on the cob

Corn on the cob is a classic but let’s be honest – it can get kind of boring! This Mexican street corn recipe refreshes the summer favorite while keeping it close to the original. The whole family will like it.

Veggies for kids

Summertime can be really unhealthy for kids – tons of ice cream, hot dogs, French fries and hamburgers don’t leave much room for seasonal vegetables. Easy substitutions can make kids fall in love with summer veggies and forget about the unhealthy dishes.

Dress up beets

Beets are one of the healthiest summer vegetables, but they don’t get a lot of love. Outside of a beet salad, you don’t hear much about this vitamin-packed purple vegetable. Dress them up with this garlic walnut beet recipe and wow your friends and family.

Art on the plate

This ratatouille tart is a colorful show stopper that features great seasonal vegetables like tomatoes, Japanese eggplant and squash. This recipe will take some time, but the end result is beautiful.

Make veggies the star

If you want to step away from the grilled meats, this recipe for stuffed peppers is a great way to make summer vegetables a meal. Corn, black beans and pepper jack cheese make the dish filling.

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