What is Swash?

11 Dec, 2014


Swash is the 10-minute clothing care system that’s going to revolutionize the way you clean and maintain your wardrobe.  Say goodbye to excessive washing, drying, steaming, ironing and dry cleaning, and say hello to living unhampered.

So what can Swash do?



No more lugging out the iron and setting up the ironing board to eliminate stubborn light wrinkles from the shirt you just pulled out of the closet.  By using the Swash, you’re just a few minutes away from a clean, crisp look.


Your outfit may look great, but how does it smell?  When pets, smoke, food or other less than desirable scents cling to your clothing, use Swash to neutralize odors and leave your apparel smelling freshly washed.


Every time you wear an article of clothing, the less it fits like it did when you tried it on for the first time.  Swash can fix this by using a light mist technology to relax the fabric, followed by rapid thermal drying to tighten and restore your clothing without shrinking it.  You’ll notice a remarkable difference after just one Swash treatment!


Excessive washing and drying can take a toll on your garments including fading colors and ruining the texture.   You don’t have to worry about either of those with Swash.  The Swash system is gentle, which helps extend the life of your clothing, leaving them looking newer longer.

What is Swash?

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