8 Tailgating Tips & Hacks for Football Season

24 Sep, 2014

Tailgating hacks
’Tis the season for football, comfort food and…tailgating! No matter which team you’re cheering for, tailgating is a tried-and-true fall tradition – but it can be a bit tricky for the ones coordinating and hosting the tailgate. To ensure your next tailgate goes off without a hitch, check out our eight tailgating tips and hacks below.

1. Store frozen water bottles in your cooler to keep drinks cold.

The day before the tailgate, put some water bottles in the freezer. They will not only serve as ice packs (making cleanup easier and less messy), but can also double as drinks once they melt!

2. Re-use a 7-day pill container to store your grilling spices.

Recycle a 7-day pill container to store your spices and seasonings. Label each “day” with the spice it holds. This will eliminate the need to haul a bunch of different spices to your tailgate, and it keeps things neat and organized in one place.

3. Hang grilling tongs on hangers for easy access.

With limited space, it’s convenient to have your grilling tongs and accessories within arm’s reach. Use a metal hanger to hang your tongs and other grill accessories. For more grilling tips and tricks, check out the grilling section on our blog.

4. Turn recycled soup cans into DIY silverware caddies.

You’ll need something to store silverware and other utensils in a small space. An easy trick? Repurpose recycled soup cans as DIY silverware caddies. If you’re feeling creative, paint them in your team’s colors!

5. Tie a balloon to your car so your group can find you.

With large crowds and matching team colors everywhere, it can be difficult to locate a tailgate in a huge parking lot. Buy a balloon or two in a certain color and tie them to your vehicle so your guests can easily locate the party.

6. Pre-prep everything you can.

Make your day as stress-free as possible by preparing everything you possibly can before the big day. Burger toppings? Wash and cut them the night before and store in plastic containers. Meats? Cut, marinate and freeze overnight so they are ready to throw on the grill the next day. The more you prep beforehand, the less you’ll have to do at the tailgate (and the more time for fun!).

7. Line a charcoal grill with foil for easy clean-up.

Cleaning up and disposing of charcoal can be tricky – especially when the charcoal is still hot from cooking. By lining the bottom of your charcoal grill with foil, you’ll be able to easily empty the grill and safely dispose of the hot charcoal before kickoff.

8. Label your coolers.

Looking for a cold drink, but keep opening the meat cooler? Simple labels – for example, the label from a 12-pack taped to the beer cooler – will make things easier for you and your guests, and it will help you keep raw meat separate from other items.

What’s your go-to tailgating hack? Share in the comments below!

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