Get Your Craft on This Thanksgiving with a Little Pinspiration

23 Nov, 2015

thanksgiving crafts

Make your turkey day a little more fun and festive with these Thanksgiving Pinterest crafts. No matter the age – from young kids to great grandparents – these crafts can brighten their day and help set the tone for a day of family, appreciation and high spirits.

Keep the kids busy

Need to keep the kiddos occupied while you prepare for guests? Or maybe you just want to give the kids a quiet activity to focus on so the adult table can enjoy their meal without breaking up a wrestling match.

  • Gratitude Activity for Kids: Remember those “cootie catchers” from your elementary school playground (also known as paper fortune tellers)? Turn this paper game into a learning exercise about gratitude with this printable version.
  • Turkey Hats: Not only is this a fairly easy craft, but it can capture the attention span of a variety of ages. Make it a little more interesting and have a turkey hat parade when finished. Or, have family vote on their favorites and include prizes for different categories (feel free to create enough categories so that each child can win something!)
  • Lego-Stamped Indian Corn: A craft combining Legos and paint? Is this a child’s dream come true? This cute and relatively easy craft will let children use Legos to leave a unique imprint on their paper (spoiler alert – it looks like corn).
  • Thanksgiving Bingo Cards: To a small child waiting eagerly for dinner, the wait can seem endless. Help the little ones stay entertained with this Thanksgiving-themed printable bingo game.

What about the adults?

Crafting isn’t just for kids. Unleash your inner child and bust out your set of markers, a tube of glue and a stack of construction paper. And if you borrow it from your kids’ rooms when they aren’t looking, we won’t tell.

  • Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Adults: There’s something relaxing and therapeutic about carefully coloring in the lines, even for adults.
  • Thanksgiving-Themed DIY Decorating Ideas: Find great ideas for the host or hostess to spruce up their home before the guests arrive. Create a “thankful tree” where guests can tie a piece of paper to the tree after listing what they are thankful for. Or, have guests RSVP with one thing they’re thankful for to create a framed word collage. Leaves (real or fake!) are also great for garland to hang over the mantle and around the house.
  • Photo Booth Props: This craft will entertain adults and children alike. Set up a space for taking photos with a solid background (you can use a sheet if needed) and leave the props out for some hilarious photos.

Decorate the table like a boss

You’ll be spending a considerable amount of time at the table, so why not make it stand out? From place cards and centerpieces to napkin holders and placemats, Pinterest has you covered.

  • Cornucopia Centerpiece: Not for the crafty faint-of-heart, this centerpiece looks time-consuming, but the end result looks rather impressive.
  • Play & Eat Placemats: Take a cue from restaurants and color while you eat. Or, if your RSVP list doesn’t include any youngsters, these placemats leave space for diners to write in what they’re thankful for.
  • Napkin Rings: With 10 options, you’ll be pleased to see a mix of silly and serious options to match your table. From formal to kid-friendly, these DIY rings are fairly easy and can add a little pizazz to your napkins.
  • Place Cards: Paper bag turkey legs with names on them? How adorable (and easy!). Prefer something a little more elegant? Try these wheat-inspired place cards.

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