Running Gadgets, Gear & Wearables for Your Thanksgiving Day Race

17 Nov, 2016

Whether you call it a “turkey trot” or simply a Thanksgiving Day race, there are hundreds of races available across the country on Turkey Day! If you’re planning on participating in a race before celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, we have outlined some of the best race wearables to help you prepare for the run and meet your goals at the finish line. Haven’t signed up yet? Find Thanksgiving-themed races near you.

Fitness Trackers

Track your steps, movement and even sleep with some of the best fitness trackers in the market. In the days (or weeks) leading up to the race, these are ideal to help you gauge your activity level and make sure you’re rested before race day. Plus, they are integrated with helpful apps so you can analyze your progress from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Want to listen to music while you run, but are worried your headphones won’t stay put? Consider purchasing a pair made especially for working out – some of these headphones will even monitor your heart rate while you run! Here are some of our favorites to try for both training and race day:

Music Players

Besides using your smartphone as a music player, there are several convenient iPods and MP3 players that can store tons of music for extra-long runs:

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