The Witches’ Kitchen

15 Oct, 2015


Sparkles the Good Witch and Gristle the Bad Witch are preparing for Halloween.  While Gristle puts up her dark and dreary decorations, Sparkles is preparing to bake tasty treats in her colorful kitchen.

I love Halloween season!  Kids dressing up in costumes and walking door-to-door and trick-or-treating, fun decorations around the neighborhood and not to mention all the tasty treats you can make at home.

Yes, yes… first two sound frighteningly fabulous.  I love all things spooky!  But tell me more about these treats?   Are they scary?

Not when I use my wonderful new KitchenAid appliances to make them.  Everything comes out perfect and delicious!

KitchenAid, eh?  Sounds too helpful for my liking. 

Oh, these products are very helpful indeed.

That’s no good.  At least the food is rotten, right?

No, not at all!  I keep everything fresh in my KitchenAid Stainless Steel 5-Door French Door Refrigerator.  The Preserva Food Care System makes sure everything keeps until I need to use it, and the Stainless Finish means it keeps clean, even with you around!

So no rotten food, eh?  Hmm… So you’re going to burn everything?  Burnt is good!

No no no.  I’ll be using my KitchenAid  Stainless Steel Gas Range to bake.  Its Even-Heat system makes sure that all my cookies, cakes and brownies cook just the way I want them too.

Well this is getting aggravating.  Wait, aggravation.  That’s it!  Maybe all this preparation will take so long you’ll be aggravated by the time you’re done!  Halloween is saved!

You’re just not getting this, are you?  With KitchenAid, making my treats will be a breeze and not aggravating at all.  My KitchenAid 5-Quart Caviar Tilt-Back Stand Mixer and Tangerine 5-Speed Hand Mixer will cut my prep time in half, and both can be extremely helpful when preparing a variety of different desserts!  Plus I’ll be able to blend and serve tasty Halloween drinks in my Green Apple 5-Speed Blender.

At least these come in green, orange and black!  They’re probably messy too.

Nope , all of them are extremely easy to clean.  And durable too!

That’s it, I give up.  I hate everything about this.

Before you go, try one of my spooky cookies.

Hmmm… I hate to admit it, but these are fantastic.

See, I told you!

Alright, I guess KitchenAid is okay by me… even if they aren’t scary!

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