Top Apps for Back to School

07 Aug, 2014

As another summer break comes to an end, that can only mean one thing: it’s time to go back to school!

The following apps will help you manage your workload & study easier than ever, teach you how to stay financially responsible, and can even help you have fun when a study break is imminent.

School Helpers
As the school year ramps up, it can be hard to stay organized and prepared for all of your exams and assignments. Never fear, there are several great apps that can help you.

Evernote is a fantastic app that can help you stay organized in all of your classes. Evernote is a digital notebook that can store all of your notes (including text, images, audio, and video) in one place. You can access it on your computer, tablets, or phone at any time.

(iOS | Android)

This app is a tremendous way to optimize your study time. Don’t waste your time writing flash cards on 3X5 cards, now you can do it all digitally! You can create separate decks for each class, and you can automatically shuffle the cards to stay on your toes.

(iOS | Android)

Easybib is an app that helps you create bibliographies for those dreaded research papers faster than ever! Have a book that you used for your paper? Just scan the UPC code & Easybib does the rest of the work. Use a website? Just enter the URL & this app adds all of the necessary information. This app can not only be a time-saver, but a life-saver as well.

(iOS | Android)

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)
What’s the point of paying for school if you are constantly sleeping in and skipping class? This app makes you register a place (by taking a photo of it) when you first sign up (i.e. the bathroom sink). When the alarm goes off, the only way to turn it off is by going to your registered place and taking a picture of it. It is designed to get you out of bed and to get your morning started.

(iOS | Android)

Have you ever had the professor that you wished you never signed up for? The RateMyProfessor app is here to make sure you never have that problem again. Before you sign up for your classes, search thousands of professors at universities across the country and make sure you don’t end up with a professor that you’ll regret.


It’s always embarrassing to interrupt class with a loud ringtone or text message, but now you don’t have to. With Studious, input your class schedule into the app, and it will automatically put your phone on silent during those times.


Let’s be honest, sometimes living on a student income can be rough. However, these apps can help you create a manageable budget & not have to beg your parents for money halfway through the semester.

Mint is an app that connects directly to your bank account and monitors spending automatically. You can create numerous budgets, and they can be as wide or narrow as you like (i.e. pizza or fast food). It helps you compare your budgets to your actual spending & it is a great app to keep you disciplined financially.

(iOS | Android)

Have you ever bought a book for a class and then realized that you bought it for a significantly higher price than what it’s worth somewhere else? With TextBookMe, that doesn’t have to happen. TextBookMe lets you search by ISBN, Title, or Author, and it aggregates all of the online prices and helps you buy the book for its cheapest price!

(iOS | Android)

Bank Apps
Several banks have created their own apps that let you monitor your checking and savings account, as well as deposit checks, wire money, and much more. For a list of banks that have mobile apps, visit

Games to Keep You Sane
Schoolwork and studying can wipe you out, so you always need to set aside a few minutes for a break. Why not fill that break with a few of these awesome games?

Smudge Proof
This game has a simple concept where you try to eliminate clusters of three or more of the same color, but it can get very addicting, very quick.

(iOS | Android)

TwoDots is another game with a simple concept (eliminate squares of the same color), but with 110 levels of different difficulty, this is a game that can quickly become your favorite.

(iOS | Android)

2048 requires some strategic thinking, and it will more than likely have you pulling out your hair at some point, but it is very addicting! You swipe to move tiles, and when two tiles that are the same number touch, they double and merge into one. Beat the game by getting all the way to the “2048” tile.

(iOS | Android)

As the school year inches closer and closer, remember that this school year can be your best one yet with the help of these awesome apps!

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