Upgrade Your TV Viewing Experience with Advice from Digital Trends’ Caleb Denison

05 Oct, 2015

4K TV Setup Guide

Ready to enhance your TV experience? From upgrading to a new TV to choosing the best streaming model and must-have accessories, Caleb Denison of Digital Trends shares his thoughts on improving your viewing experience.

Would you recommend upgrading to a 4K TV?

Everyone knows the old joke about computers, right? Buy a new computer and it’s outdated before you’ve pulled it out of the box. In a manner of speaking, that’s been happening with TVs over the past few years. As 4K UHD (Ultra HD) technology in TVs has been developing so quickly, the latest 4K models have been making the prior year’s TVs obsolete.

But there’s good news: We are finally getting standards, and I’m now confident in recommending 4K TVs to anyone looking for a new TV. 4K is the future of television, so I think it is time to think forward and get into it now, especially with some very exciting new 4K content sources like 4K UHD Blu-ray players coming later this year. The picture quality improvements 4K TVs afford over 1080p TVs in larger screen sizes is substantial.

For those interested in streaming content, what is the best streaming TV to buy?

Some manufacturers have struck deals that land them exclusive rights to certain apps/streaming services. For example, if you really want HBO Now built into your TV, or if you are big on Amazon, make sure the TV you are considering has those apps available.
With that said, I wouldn’t let a TV’s smart TV offering make or break a deal. You can always get a streaming set-top box like a Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV box to satisfy your streaming needs.

Are there any must-have TV accessories you recommend?

Always plug your TV into a high-quality surge protector. A power surge or sudden power loss can fry a TVs power supply, and that’s a costly repair. A surge protector will ensure your TV remains safe, and the best ones come with insurance payouts should they fail. This is a must-have accessory, and if yours is getting old, it should probably be replaced.

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Caleb DenisonCaleb Denison is the A/V section Editor for Digital Trends, an online tech site that produces news and reviews on consumer technology, and gets about 20 million unique visits per month. When not reviewing TVs and audio systems, Caleb is a professional trumpet player in his home city of Portland, OR.


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