Valentine’s Day Photo Tips

14 Feb, 2017

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No matter your Valentine’s Day plans, make sure you don’t forget to bring your camera (or smart phone) to snap pictures of the night. To capture picture-perfect moments, check out our seven Valentine’s Day picture taking tips:

1.  Adjust the aperture. If you are using a camera where the aperture can be adjusted, make it as wide as possible so the subject you are photographing is in focus while the rest of the image is blurred. It sounds counter-intuitive, but you can make the aperture wider by decreasing the f-stop value on your camera.

2.  Raise the ISO. While you may be hesitant to raise your ISO (it can cause grainy photos), capturing pictures in a low light (dimly-lit restaurants, for example) can help make the image “pop” by adding some light. By raising your ISO, you won’t have to manually brighten the photo later.

3.  Increase shutter speed. To ensure your Valentine’s Day pictures are crystal clear, increase your camera’s shutter speed. You will be able to snap photos without worrying about shaky hands and blurry images.

4.  Choose your Instagram filter wisely. For those who will be snapping pictures with a smartphone, check out this Valentine’s Day photoshoot idea – capture the romantic, dreamy mood with the right Instagram filter. Here are some of our favorite Instagram filters to use for Valentine’s Day:

  • X-Pro II – Use this filter to achieve a highly contrasted, colorful photo. It can make your Valentine’s Day couples photo really pop.
  • Sierra – While this filter should be avoided on pictures of people because it can wash out skin tones, it’s perfect to add a fuzzy, dreamy quality to a landscape or still life (like those roses you just received).
  • Hefe – Add simple vibrancy to your photos with Hefe. This filter can often replace the need to adjust contrast or brightness with a photo editor.
  • Earlybird – Use this filter for photos taken in low lighting – it instantly brightens the image and adds an aged, sun-drenched look.
  • Inkwell – For a classic black-and-white image, use Inkwell. You will instantly make a simple portrait look elegant with this filter.

5.  Lock exposure and focus on your iPhone. Before taking an iPhone picture, try this simple trick. Tap and hold your screen over the part of the image you would like to focus on, then release your finger so your phone goes to “AE/AF Lock.” This will ensure your iPhone’s camera will continue to focus on the subject you selected, even if you move the camera.

6.  Use your flash the right way. You don’t want to look like a ghost in your Valentine’s Day photos, so use your camera’s flash function only when absolutely necessary. If/when you use the flash, take a few steps back to avoid washing out the subject in your photo.

7.  Remember the rule of thirds. When capturing photos, follow this helpful guideline: divide the composition of the potential photo with three horizontal lines (evenly spaced apart), then imagine two vertical lines that intersect the horizontal lines for a total of nine squares. Important elements of your photo should be near (or on) these lines and their points of intersection.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day photoshoot ideas or favorite romantic locations? Let us know in the comments below!

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