All About the Soundbar [Video]

08 Oct, 2015

Home theater with soundbar

Looking for an easy way to upgrade your entertainment experience? A soundbar can help improve the audio quality of your TV without cluttering your space. If you’ve ever heard muffled background noise or can’t quite make out softer voices in TV shows or movies, you may be suffering from something we call “PASS” – poor audio sound syndrome. A soundbar can help eliminate these problems, and it will enhance your favorite TV shows, sports broadcasts and movies. Find out more about the benefits of soundbars in our guide below.

What is a soundbar?

A soundbar is the simplest solution to get great audio into your home with one audio cord and one power cord. One of the many benefits of a soundbar is that it doesn’t clutter your TV space with a lot of cords, and you don’t need to hang speakers around the room. In fact, a soundbar can trick your ears into thinking that multiple speakers are placed around the room – making it easier to hear crowd roars, dialogue and subtle sounds. It also provides an even volume and can act as a wireless music player.

How do you use a soundbar?

It’s easy to set up a soundbar! The optimal placement for this device is just below the TV. Be sure that you don’t cover up the receiver or block your remote, and follow the specific model’s instructions to plug the cords into your TV.

Which soundbar should I choose?

You’ll find a lot of soundbar options from various brands at hhgregg. One of our in-store experts can help you choose the best model based on your budget and needs. We recommend setting aside of 25 to 40 percent your overall TV and entertainment budget for a quality sound system like a soundbar.

To learn more about the benefits of a soundbar, watch our video below.

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