What is an OLED TV?

08 Dec, 2015

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You may have heard of LG’s new OLED (pronounced “oh-led”) TV technology, but what exactly is it?  OLED is a new category of televisions featuring technology that allows TVs to do things never before possible.  In short, experts say it’s the BEST. PICTURE. EVER.

Just a few of the features that separate LG OLED TVs from the pack include the following technological advancements:

Perfect Black
Contrast Ratio is considered the key indicator of picture quality. LG OLED TV has self-lighting pixels that can switch off completely to achieve perfect black for infinite contrast, so images come alive with breathtaking detail.

Intense Color
LG OLED TVs display a wide gamut of accurate colors. And because colors look best against a pure black background, images are now more vibrant and detailed. When you see OLED for yourself, you’ll truly understand

Wide Viewing Angles
The exceptional picture quality holds up even from wide viewing angles, so don’t be afraid to load up the couch.

Thinner Screens
OLED technology enables a design that is ultra-thin and light. It’s supremely elegant, and as lovely on a tabletop as it is wall-mounted. Available in both flat & curved models.

Learn more about OLED and how these new TV’s achieve these awesome feats with this new animated video. Then find shop all the great models of LG OLED TVs available at hhgregg.

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