Whirlpool and Habitat for Humanity

14 Oct, 2015

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In more than 16 years of partnership with Habitat for Humanity, Whirlpool has developed active  programs in more than 45 countries with a commitment of more than $90 million. In the United States and Canada, the company has donated more than 168,000 ranges and refrigerators to new Habitat homes, serving more than 85,000 families. Additionally, Whirlpool has donated more than 41,000 products to Habitat ReStore retail outlets, helping raise nearly $5.7 million. The company has engaged thousands of employee volunteers, sponsored nearly 150 homes and donated products to more than 75,000 Habitat families Europe, Middle East and Africa. Whirlpool plans to support the work of Habitat around the world through product donations, financial contribution and/or volunteerism.

Habitat by the Numbers

  • 85,000+families directly impacted around the world
  • 8,000+Whirlpool employees who volunteer with Habitat annually
  • $90 million– Value of Whirlpool Corporation’s current commitment
  • 1999 – Year the Whirlpool/Habitat partnership began

Join Whirlpool and Habitat in the Fight Against Poverty Housing and Homelessness Around the World


Rarely a day goes by when Habitat is not looking for volunteers to help support their mission. Search for volunteer opportunities at a Habitat for Humanity near you at: www.habitat.org/local.

Many local Habitat for Humanity affiliates operate ReStores, which sell reusable and surplus building materials, furniture and appliances to the public. The proceeds fund local Habitat house construction.

To donate materials, please find and contact your local Habitat ReStore at: www.habitat.org/restores/directory?place=us.

Learn about Habitat’s current advocacy campaigns and how you can help make a difference at: www.habitat.org/gov/use-your-voice.

The United Nations General Assembly has declared the first Monday in October to be World Habitat Day. This is a time to recognize the basic need for adequate shelter in a world where it is lacking for so many: www.habitat.org/getinv/events/whd

Join professional builders to build, renovate and repair homes. Learn more at: www.habitat.org/events/homebuildersblitz

Explore opportunities for you business to become a Habitat partner at: www.habitat.org/partnerships


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