Why Buy a Smart TV?

16 Oct, 2014

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What can you use to watch your favorite TV shows on the big screen, browse the web, check your social media, stream movies and play games? A smart TV! These intelligent televisions are becoming more popular not only because of their convenience, but also due to their wide range of features. Wondering why you should buy a smart TV? Check out our guide below to see why you should give your TV a major upgrade.

Enjoy dozens of apps

With a smart TV, you’ll have access to dozens (even hundreds) of apps. Need to update your Facebook status or browse Twitter? Your smart television will let you use your TV as if it were a computer or tablet. Plus, you can stream television shows from Netflix or use Pandora to play your favorite tunes. With a smart TV, the options are endless!

Surf the web

Enjoy the convenience of a full web browser with a smart TV. Want to learn more about the actor who starred in the movie you just watched? Easily switch from TV mode to web mode to do some quick research on the Internet.

Control your TV with your phone

Who needs a remote when you can use your cell phone to control the TV? Many smart TVs offer a mobile app that can be installed on your phone or tablet and used to control the TV.

Get split-screen web and TV

Should you browse the web or watch TV? Some smart TVs – like this Sharp Smart HDTV – offer split-screen web and TV, so you don’t have to choose!

Would you buy a smart TV? Share in the comments below! You can browse a large selection of smart TVs at hhgregg.com or an hhgregg store near you.

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